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Let Hydro-Stat, Inc. service your CO2 needs.

Here at Hydro-Stat, Inc., it is our preference for CO2 fills to fill your cylinder as opposed to exchanging. Our reasons are primarily driven by the hydro-static test date of your cylinder and the condition of your cylinder. If the cylinder you have is brand new with a current hydro-static test date you don’t want to exchange that for a cylinder in a lesser condition and with an older test date if you can avoid it. We have no minimum orders on dispensing CO2 (we fill 5, 10, 15, 20 & 50 lb CO2 Cylinders) and we are your one-stop shop for CO2. Plus we provide CO2 refills while you wait. Emergency refills & maintenance on carbon dioxide tanks. We have an extensive knowledgeable and courteous staff to answer your questions. Hydro-Stat, Inc. also provides valve repairs and replacement services.

Hydro-Stat, Inc. has been providing CO2 fills service since 1978, and provide delivery service in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. All Co2 tanks need to be hydro-tested every 5 years. This is performed by DOT qualified re-test stations which we are. The purpose of the hydro-test is to make sure the tank is still in good working condition. We make sure that there are no cracks in the neck, excessive pitting, rust and that they are pressure tested to verify they can be used safely for a compressed gas. If you exchange your Co2 tank you should look at the date of the tank you are receiving in exchange and confirm it is still in date and not ready to expire. Test dates will be stamped in the shoulder of the cylinder. If the cylinder is old, you need to find the most recent date. The marking is identified with the month and year it was tested and also the re-test station ID number.

Hydro-Stat, Inc. provides CO2 fills for fire extinguishers for fire departments, businesses and residential homes. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) tanks and fire extinguishers can be refilled at our Deerfield Beach facility. Refilling these cylinders can be performed while you wait and generally takes 15-20 minutes, unless a hydrostatic test is required. We have the capability to refill all fire extinguisher types. Arrangements for a fire safety specialist to come to your facility and pickup the bottles can be made by just giving us a call to set up an appointment. Some fire extinguisher refills will however be required to be performed at our facility. An inspection by one ofHydro-Stat’s fire safety specialists will ensure that you have the proper coverage and
extinguisher type within your facility.

Serving Florida and the Caribbean since 1978. Our cylinder maintenance and re-qualification facility is located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Hydro-Stat, Inc. saves Fire Departments and Industrial users hundreds of dollars per cylinder compared to OEM prices. Call or use our contact form today for a quotation. We look forward to serving you. Licensed by the State of Florida to sell and service all types of fire extinguishers, including Halon 1211, ABC, BC, Foam, Co2.

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