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For Fire Extinguisher Service in Miami contact Hydro-Stat, Inc. Our extinguishers are the weapon for first-strike combat of any type of fire. As such, they must always be pressurized and full. A partially charged, or neglected extinguisher may not be reliable in a fire situation. All occupancies covered by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) require monthly and annual inspections of portable extinguishers. Any dry chemical extinguisher, whether for private or commercial use, should be disassembled, inspected internally and re-built every 6 years and hydro-statically tested every 12 years.

Hydro-Stat, Inc. offers a complete package of commercial, industrial and residential Fire Extinguisher Service in Miami.
We have many years of experience having been in business since 1978. Whether you want to purchase a fire extinguisher for your home, or your company needs its annual fire extinguisher inspection to keep its certification current, we are there to ensure you get quality products, dependable service and low prices. We are licensed in the state of Florida and are fully certified for all types of fire protection and fire extinguisher services. You can trust Hydro-Stat, Inc. for all your fire extinguisher needs.

Fire Extinguisher Service in Miami along with fire protection can be a real headache for business owners and residents, but we can take away that pain with a simple phone call. Let one of our professionally trained technicians take on the burden, so you can rest assured that you are safe and secure! Here at Hydro-Stat, Inc. we take what we do very seriously. We will exceed our customers expectations with our same day service while providing the highest quality of products. We will also provide all of our customers with dependable and reliable customer support, plus we offer all our services at competitive low rates.

Serving Florida and the Caribbean since 1978. Our cylinder maintenance and re-qualification facility is located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Hydro-Stat, Inc. saves Fire Departments and Industrial users hundreds of dollars per cylinder compared to OEM prices. Call or use our contact form today for a quotation. We look forward to serving you. Licensed by the State of Florida to sell and service all types of fire extinguishers, including Halon 1211, ABC, BC, Foam, Co2.

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