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Our PosiChek Miami or PosiChek3 verifies SCBA "fitness" for use: A properly maintained SCBA must be capable of meeting basic NIOSH / NFPA performance requirements. Unfortunately, given the hard usage that SCBA receive, performance can sometimes "slip". Unless SCBA are regularly tested to verify proper performance, a loss of function may not be noticed until after an accident has occurred. The PosiChek3 automatically determines the operational fitness of an SCBA by means of a series of dynamic tests and functional checks. PosiChek3 testers quantitatively determine whether the current performance of an SCBA meets NIOSH and NFPA requirements.

Hydro-Stat, Inc. provides regular PosiChek Miami testing ensures that SCBA which require maintenance are identified and taken out of service before an accident occurs, not after. PosiChek3 provides complete evaluation for proper performance: The PosiChek3 provides a complete, dynamic evaluation of SCBA performance, then stores the test results right on your personal computer. The PosiChek of SCBA test equipment has been the industry standard for thousands of fire departments, refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power stations worldwide since it was first introduced in 1988. The new Posi 3 USB incorporates a number of hardware and software improvements suggested by our customers to keep pace with increasingly rigorous testing criteria.

NFPA 1852 mandates that all compliant SCBA be tested on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service, and at least once per year thereafter. Posi 3 USB meets the same stringent NFPA standards as PosiChek3. The New Posi3 USB SCBA flow tester and the prior Posichek3 flow tester are approved SCBA flow test devices for functionally testing of SCBA to maintain NFPA or NIOSH approval. Honeywell Analytics manufactures the current Posi3 USB model and the past Posichek3 models. Most SCBA require annual flow testing to maintain their NFPA or NIOSH approvals. Here at Hydro-Stat, Inc. also provides other services other than our PosiChek Miami testing. Give us a call to get a full list of our services.

Serving Florida and the Caribbean since 1978. Our cylinder maintenance and re-qualification facility is located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Hydro-Stat, Inc. saves Fire Departments and Industrial users hundreds of dollars per cylinder compared to OEM prices. Call or use our contact form today for a quotation. We look forward to serving you. Licensed by the State of Florida to sell and service all types of fire extinguishers, including Halon 1211, ABC, BC, Foam, Co2.

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