True North Dozer Chest Harness Broward

If you need a True North Dozer Chest Harness in Broward that is reliable, call Hydro-Stat, Inc. It is made of durable materials that can survive daily use and in harsh environments. It can comfortably and securely hold your New Generation fire shelter, spare batter, and radio. Everything you need stays out of the way for easy maneuverability, but can be accessed easily without slowing you down. You'll be much more efficient and effective while on the job. Its suspension system allows it to sit comfortably on your chest without swinging or sagging. It will stay completely in place.

Hydro-Stat, Inc. was first established in 1978 and has been able to build a stellar reputation throughout the South Florida area. We have become well known for our excellent customer service, affordable prices, and professional team of staff. We offer a wide range of products, gear, and protective clothing that will keep you safe and make you better at your job. Our True North Dozer Chest Harness in Broward is specially designed for engine and dozer crews. You can carry some of the top name brand radios, including Bendix King, Motorola, Icom, Thales, and Kenwood.

We are dedicated to ensuring we provide our customers with the high-quality products they need. Our products are all durable enough for daily use, but comfortable enough to wear or hold for long periods of time. The Mesh back plate on our True North Dozer Chest Harness in Broward eliminates multiple straps and allows for solid airflow. There are slots where you can hold two pens and a large map. There are also pockets with a Velcro™ closure for your small mobile phone and spare battery. With the side-zip on the internal pocket, you can access what you need much faster and without stumbling.

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