True North Firefly Medic Miami

If you're in need of an affordable True North Firefly Medic in Miami, call Hydro-Stat, Inc. The main gear bag is 2200 cubic inches that can hold all of your trauma and medical applications. The Firefly Pack system allows for ease of use and makes you much more efficient while you're on the job. It can hold your first aid and trauma supplies which can be accessed easily so you won't be slowed down while you're working. This great product is ready for you to take with you for any type of medical emergency you encounter.

The True North Firefly Medic in Miami can be configured for SAR or Wildland applications, depending on what your needs are. With a drop front opening, you'll get quick access to all of your supplies. It also has three large zip open pouches where you can store your wipes, gloves, gauze pads, and many other supplies you'll need. Each pouch is color coded and can be easily removed so you can get better access to all of your supplies and medical items. You can always depend on this pack to help you perform better at your job.

We have been providing our high-quality products, such as our True North Firefly Medic in Miami since being established in 1978. We've built a stellar reputation over the years and are well known for our excellent customer service, professional team of staff, and affordable prices. We aim to provide our customers with all of the gear and protective clothing they need to make sure they stay safe on the job. With our many storage products, you'll be able to free up your hands so you can do your job better and help save lives.

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