True North Firefly Medic

The True North Firefly Medic pack system is ready for medical emergencies anywhere. With a 2200 cu. in main gear bag specially designed for medical and trauma applications, the Firefly Pack system makes it easier to carry the first aid and trauma supplies you need for any operation…in virtually any location. Depending on your primary needs, the Firefly Medic Pack is available and configured for either Wildland or SAR applications.

Drop front opening provides quick access to everything medical. Zip open the front flap, and suddenly it is all in front of you. Three large, staggered zip-open pouches make wipes, gauze pads, gloves, and other supplies you always need available in an instant. Just pull that layer open and you have got four, removable color-coded organizer pouches. You can always trust Hydrostat, Inc. to have the True North Firefly Medic pack you need.

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