True North Hose Clamp Pouch Miami

If you need an affordable True North Hose Clamp Pouch in Miami, call Hydro-Stat, Inc. today. It features an adjustable top flap that can utilize a hook and loop closure so you get the perfect size for securing your hose clamp. Its lightweight and durable design makes it comfortable enough to wear all day, yet sturdy enough to be used in unfavorable conditions without being damaged in any way.

Our hose clamps can be found in a variety of different applications, such as equipment and machinery, aircrafts, automobiles, and so much more. With our True North Hose Clamp Pouch in Miami, you can feel confident knowing you'll have the ability to be more effective and efficient at your job. The padded back panel will help the pouch keep its shape and help prevent any bruising from occurring.

The True North Hose Clamp Pouch in Miami that we carry has a second pocket on the front where you can store your small hand tools, including wire cutters or flashlights. You can easily access them whenever you need them so you won't be slowed down while doing your job. With its bright yellow Rip-Grip, you can effortlessly open it with one hand to grab whatever you need, even if you're wearing gloves.

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