True North Fire Rescue Packs


The newest addition to our LiteSpeed™ Rescue Series. Light, Fast and Durable.

While you're here, checkout the L-2 RIT VIDEO.

Made with our exclusive Iron-Cloth™ the L-2 sets a new standard for rescue bags. The L-2 is the same size, and has many of the same features as the L-1, but with one BIG difference – pull the side zipper and the bag expands to allow the addition of a rope bag (sold separately, rope bag can hold up to 200' of 9mm Kevlar line).

Our new ultra tough Iron-Cloth™ combined with the Heat-Shield™ skid plate makes the L-2 the toughest bag on the market, top-to-bottom. The skid plate allows the bag to glide over the roughest surfaces and makes it extremely wear resistant during training evolutions. Innovative access-hatch design makes access to spare face piece and valve set quick and easy.

  • Designed to hold all makes of masks and bottles
  • Quick-Draw transfill hose pocket pulls hose end out and ready to grab
  • Heat-Shield™ skid plate covers bottom to protect bag and get you there fast
  • Flashlight holder on top makes bag easier to find in low visibility conditions
  • 60" shoulder strap can be re-positioned for carrying, dragging, or lowering the air bottle
  • Two tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools, light sticks
  • Optional rope bag -- See L2 Search Rope Bag
  • Weight: 5 LBS
  • Materials: Heat-Shield™, Nylon 6,6 , Metal Hardware, 3M™ Reflective Tape
  • Sizes: 36" x 13" x 10"
  • Colors: Red - Item: RBL20


Our newest search line bag is made of our new nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric for enhanced performance and durability. Designed to hold up to 200' of 9mm Kevlar line with rope ports at the top and bottom large enough for Chicago style knots and rings. Large Velcro opening allows rope to be easily re-stuffed at any time. Features include Kevlar shoulder strap with locking carabiners for easy attachment options, and daisy chain on bag for attaching thermal imaging cameras and individual search line bags.

  • Designed to hold 200’of 9mm Kevlar line
  • Large opening for re-stuffing rope
  • Rope ports top and bottom
  • 60" Kevlar shoulder strap with carabiner
  • Nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric
  • Materials: Iron Cloth™, Kevlar Webbing, Metal Hardware, Locking Carabineers, Nylon 6,6
  • Sizes: 18" x 8" x 4"
  • Colors: Red - Item: RBL21


RIT Response is a 9mm search and escape rope. The diameter of this rope makes it very easy to find in low visibility conditions while the colored tracers can be used for directional bearing.

  • Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 edition
  • Escape Rope MBS of 6,970 lbs
  • Heat resistant sheath to 932° Fahrenheit
  • Aramid sheath with polyester core kernmantle construction
  • Engineered to have a soft flexible hand for compact storage and easy deployment
  • Fits in same space as most 8mm ropes
  • Perfect rope for primary search lines and RIT operations
  • Sizes: 200'
  • Colors: Beige with Color Tracers


True North’s first RIT bag, the one that changed the expectation of what a RIT bag should be. Updated with our new ultra tough Iron-Cloth™. The T1 reflects True North’s dedication to providing value by delivering innovative solutions at a fair price.

The T1’s ruggedness combined with features such as the separated hose pockets, and rigid plastic shield to protect the valve set and face piece, have garnered critical praise from fire departments and RIT trainers alike.

  • Designed to hold all makes of masks and bottles
  • Two air hose pockets allow you to have a trans-fill and face piece pre-connected to air bottle
  • Four tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools, 18" bolt cutters, light sticks, etc.
  • Daisy chain provides secure place to attach infrared imagers and other gear
  • 48" shoulder strap can be re-positioned for carrying, dragging, or lowering the air bottle
  • Made with Nylon 6,6
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Materials: Ballistic™ Fabric, Nylon 6,6 , Seat Belt Buckle, Metal SRB, Nylon Webbing, 3M™ Reflective Tape
  • Sizes: 31" x 12" x 12" (including rope bag)
  • Colors: Red - Item: RBT10

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